How to Clean Your Favorite Leather Furniture Easily?

by Administrator 16. May 2011 17:51

Leather is the ultimate choice in deluxe upholstery. Smooth, soft leather looks fine and is easy to take care of. With the correct cleaners and conditioners, even a beginner can accomplish commendable results. If not taken care of, leather in the long run will dry and crack. Below you will find a few simple steps to keep your leather furniture look nearly as good as it did in the show room.


Leather cleaners and conditioners can be comfortably found in any automotive supply store. Even though sold elsewhere; automotive stores generally have a greater variety of high end brands. Buy one cleaner and conditioner, preferably of the similar brand. If the leather furniture is in a room that acquires lots of sunlight, plan to purchase sun blocking agents. Apart from the cleaner and sun blocks, you will require many terry cloths and or microfiber towels. Gloves also are suggested.

Cleaning Leather Upholstery:

Before you start working, test the cleaner in an inconspicuous area of the leather. Pour a little bit of cleaner onto a soft, clean terry cloth or microfiber towel, and then apply the cleaner to the leather using overlapping, circular motions. Make it a point to keep utilizing clean sections of the cloth as you work. Always bear in mind, your goal is an even application. Avoid spraying or pouring cleaner straight onto the leather; otherwise, a section could be darker than the rest of the upholstery. Go over the leather with a fresh, dry terry cloth towel.

Apply Leather Conditioner:

Allow the leather to entirely dry prior to applying conditioner. Once again, apply the conditioner with a clean terry cloth or microfiber towel; do not pour out or spray conditioner straightaway onto the leather. The key to conditioning leather is a smooth application. Use a generous amount of conditioner, as it should penetrate to moisturize and protect the leather.

After the conditioner has set for several minutes, buff the leather with a clean, dry cloth or microfiber towel. This will take away extra conditioner and yield a nice radiance to the leather.

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