How To Choose Furniture For Your Guest Bedroom

The choice of furniture for a guest room plays a huge role in making your guests feel comfortable at your home. When choosing guest room furniture, consider comfort, style and functionality. Also, try to avoid loud colors and keep the decor neutral to cater the choice of most of your guests.

Following are the points to keep in mind when buying furniture for a guest room:

  • The Bed: It is the most important piece of furniture in a guest room and acts as a focal point for decorating the room. Pay attention to the material used for the frame, color of the bed, headboard, style and size. Beds should be comfortable and large enough to avoid discomfort. Make sure that the bedframes should not be bulky as it may overpower other furniture items in the room.
  • Mattress: Ensure that the mattress in the guest room does not sag. Buy a nice and comfortable mattress to ensure that your guest enjoys a good night’s sleep. Keep in mind to measure your bed and buy a suitable mattress accordingly.
  • Bedside Tables & Nightstands: Complete the look of your bed by placing a nightstand on either side. Also, it may be useful for your guests to place items like cell phones, watches, eyeglasses, medicine, water, jewelry, etc. You can also invest in a nightstand lamp, if required.
  • Seating: A comfortable accent chair is a must-have in every guest room. A fine chair gives your guest a spot to sit & relax, read a book or sip a cup of coffee. It is advisable to opt for a deep seated chair with armrests for maximum comfort. In addition to providing comfort, an accent chair adds pop of color and texture to the room.
  • Armoire: An armoire provides storage option and functions as a dresser. Also, it saves space and adds to the aesthetic appeal of a room. Choose an armoire with lots of shelves and some drawers so that your guests can place their belongings safely.
  • Bed-end Bench: It is an under-stated piece of furniture that is an essential for every guest room provided there is enough space. A bed-end bench provides extra seating space, is great for taking off & putting on shoes, placing stuff while packing or unpacking and can serves as a piece of modern decor.

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