Contemporary Home Office Furniture Ideas

Working from home is a viable option for those who need flexible work hours e.g. stay at home moms and students. However, with the outspread of COVID-19, it has become the norm for many. In order to be productive while working from home, it is necessary to dedicate a specific place in the house for work. Also, invest in the right kind of furniture that will provide comfort and help in retaining correct posture while working.

Some contemporary home office furniture ideas are:

  • Home Office Desk: The right type of desk for a home office will depend on the availability of space. For small spaces, simple and single desks or sawhorse tables are the ideal choices as they provide ample workspace while requiring less floor space. These desks can be paired with other pieces of furniture such as a bookcase, file cabinet, etc. for additional workspace. If you have a spacious home office, you can opt for L-shaped desks that not only look stylish and modern but also raise productivity levels. Common features of home office desks include open shelves, drawers, additional storage, a hutch with a display shelf, etc.
  • Office Chairs: An office chair is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a home office. It should be of the right height, comfortable, and well-cushioned. You may look for additional features e.g. adjustable seat, a specific type of seat (tufted box seat, bucket seat), minimalist/linear design, quality upholstery (faux leather), swivel chairs, etc.
  • Bookcase: Ideally, home offices require bookcases for storage and decoration purposes. Depending on your requirements, you can get a bookcase with more or less storage, open shelves, cabinets, superior finishing, and modern designing. Bookcases can be used as stand-alone units or paired along with an office desk.
  • File Cabinet: These are the perfect addition to a home office for additional storage, completing the look of your office or for filling up extra space. They act as a good alternative to large bookcases if space is an issue. They also add a modern flair to a home office.
  • Home Office Package: If you do not have the time to mix and match pieces of furniture for your workspace, you can invest in a home office package that consists of essential pieces of furniture such as a lift top desk (for working while standing), a comfortable office chair with a tufted box seat, a shelved bookcase, built-in power supply, etc.

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