Furnishing A Closed Space

When furnishing a closed space, it is important to incorporate items that are stylish, functional and expansive. This helps in ensuring that the space is efficiently utilized without making it look cramped up. The key is to choose furnishings with the right design, shape, size, color, pattern and more.

Here are some tips for bringing out the best in the small spaces:

  • Increase Lighting: Lighting has a profound impact on the way a room looks. To make a room look bigger and more spacious, invest in the appropriate lighting e.g. floor lamps, hanging lights, etc. You can also get creative and utilize mirrors to reflect and create an illusion of more light.
  • Size Matters: When furnishing a small space, pay attention to the size of furniture used in it. Avoid large and chunky pieces of furniture and choose sleek and minimalist ones instead. If you have to use huge furniture items, try attaching them to the walls instead of placing them in the middle of the room.
  • Smart Storage: Multi-purpose furniture items save a lot of space in small rooms while offering maximum utility. They not only look stylish but also accommodate many other things like linen, utensils, books, rugs, magazines, etc. A good example of furniture like this is a bed or an ottoman with storage.
  • Utilize Vertical Spaces: Make the most of vertical space by using tall items, wall shelves or art with vertical depth. If you are using hanging drapes, install them as close to the ceiling as possible for an illusion of height. The trick is to make the most of every square inch in a small space.
  • Utilize Negative Space: This refers to unutilized space such as under-cabinet area, space above the toilet, counter space, etc. For example, you can hang utensils on cabinet doors on the inside, utilize counters for storing bowls and plates, fix a hanging cabinet over the toilet seat, etc.
  • Less Bulk & Simplicity: Choose simple patterns when furnishing a small area and avoid large patterns as they tend to compress a space. Also, avoid using bulky furnishings like blackout drapes as they have a shrinking effect.
  • Use Rugs: Invest in large rugs for small spaces to create an illusion of more space. Large rugs work towards creating a grand appearance and a feeling of a bigger room. Use them to your advantage in small rooms and revel in the magic they create.
  • Divide & Conquer: Who said small spaces cannot be divided? In fact they can be divided without making them look smaller with the help of creative ideas like using rice paper dividers, sheer curtains, open shelving, etc.

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