Guide To Buy Dining Room Furniture

Dining room is the heart of a home. One of the most important aspects of furnishing a dining room is the choice of furniture, its style, quality and layout.

Dining room furniture includes a dining table, chairs, stools, benches, sideboards, console tables, display cabinets and more. Following is a guide for buying dining room furniture:

  • Size: When choosing a dining table for your dining room, opt for one that can accommodate required number of people without occupying the whole room. The right size of a dining table leaves enough space for moving around the table and also provides maximum seating capacity. If you are buying the chairs separately, always compare the measurements of the table with those of the chairs as there should be enough lap space.
  • Shape: Dining tables come in a variety of shapes such as rectangular, square, oval and round. Round dining tables are a good option for creating a sense of togetherness and encouraging communication. Rectangular tables are apt for accommodating a number of people at a formal lunch or dinner. Square tables add a modern touch to a dining room and are best for those who want to enhance the aesthetic value of room. Some tables also come with an optional extension underneath to accommodate additional people.
  • Finish: The color and finish of your dining room furniture will depend on how active your household is and the people who occupy the house. If you have kids and pets, your furniture should be the one that can withstand wear and tear. Furniture with darker colors is best for an active household.
  • Seats: Before buying a dining set; make it a point to test the seats for comfort, sturdiness and support. Also consider elbow room around the table and leg room below it.
  • Style: There are many styles of furniture to choose from for a dining room depending on whether you want to create an informal or a formal look. For formal set-ups, the table and chairs should match and comprise of luxury materials and refined upholstery. The furniture for an informal dining room need not conform to any convention and can afford to look different. Dining rooms can be traditional, country style, decorative, classic and modern.

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