Mattress: An Essential Purchase

A mattress is a pad filled with different materials (foam, cotton, springs, etc.) used for supporting reclining body and designed to be used as a bed or on a bed frame as a part of the bed. It is an essential purchase for many reasons and choosing a suitable mattress is a stepwise process. While it is important to know how to choose a suitable mattress, we will discuss that in another blog Let us first understand why a mattress is an essential purchase.

Here are some points that strengthen this statement:

1. While sleeping on a hard surface may be recommended by doctors and physiotherapists, it may be uncomfortable to sleep on a bed for many reasons such as:

  • Lower Height
  • Cold Surface (of metal beds)
  • Bruises From Wood Peels

Mattress adds to the height of the bed making it easier to sit, lie down and get off. It also helps in avoiding discomfort and injuries that may be caused by cold bed surface, wood peels, nail heads, etc.

2. Sleeping directly on a bed may result in excessive pressure on body curves such as shoulders, back, hips, etc. This excessive pressure may lead to body aches such as back pain, muscle swelling, etc. A carefully chosen mattress provides sufficient cushion to relieve this pressure while maintaining proper support for the sleeper.

3. The most important benefit of sleep is a rejuvenated and relaxed body. The right firmness level of a mattress elevates the quality of sleep and allows the sleeper to regain his energy after complete rest. Availability of different mattress types such as Innerspring Mattress, Memory Foam Mattress, and Hybrid Mattress with varied firmness levels ranging from Plush to Firm, allows every individual to choose a mattress as per his own requirement.

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