All You Need To Know About Mattresses

A mattress is an important part of furnishing a bedroom. This lays emphasis on the fact that thorough consideration should be made before choosing the right mattress. Thus, it is important to know the basic facts about a mattress.

There are three main points that a person needs to know about a mattress:

  • Size
  • Comfort Level
  • Type

Here is everything you need to know about the three categorizing factors of mattresses:

Size: The size of a mattress is of utmost importance. When buying a mattress for a bed, measure the inner dimensions of the bed frame to decide the size of the mattress. The buyer needs to be familiar with the available mattress sizes and their popular names in order to make a smart purchase –

  • Twin (75” X 39”): They are ideal for kids, couches, and smaller guest rooms.
  • Twin XL (80” X 39”): These mattresses are optimal for teen bedrooms.
  • Twin XL (80” X 39”): These mattresses are optimal for teen bedrooms.
  • Full (75” X 54”): They are usually used in rooms with two kids or smaller bedrooms.
  • Queen (80” X 60”): This type of mattress is a great choice for adults or couples.
  • King (80” X 76”): With maximum width, this mattress type is used for furnishing spacious master bedrooms.
  • California King (84” X 72”): This mattress type offers maximum length and makes a comfortable choice for luxurious master bedrooms.

Comfort Level: It is the second factor of consideration that defines a mattress. The right choice of comfort is dependent upon the buyer’s personal choice, sleeping habits, physical conditions, etc. Based on the comfort level, the mattresses can be categorized as –

  • Plush: This type of mattress is soft and offers a high comfort level. It provides proper support to the body by aligning with the body.
  • Medium: These mattresses offer a perfect balance between soft and firm support.
  • Firm: A firm mattress provides high support to allow the body to rest in its natural position.

Type: The type of mattress is defined by its inner structure and building material. Every mattress type has different features and benefits. So, it is of utmost importance to understand these types before buying a mattress –

  • Innerspring: This is a firm and bouncy mattress and is made up of a core containing steel coils & springs.
  • Memory Foam: A memory foam mattress molds itself around the body to offer motion isolation.

Hybrid: It combines the spring core with memory foam.

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