How To Pick Perfect Lighting For Kids Room

When decorating a room for your child, it is important to focus on quality lighting. Thus, invest in functional, safe, stylish and durable lighting fixtures that add an element of design to the decor of the room.

Listed below are essential tips for choosing lights that complement the kids room decor:

  • Choose The Right Size: Ensure that the size of the lighting fixture is compatible with the size of your child’s room. For rooms that are small in size; invest in table lamps, unique pendant lights, etc.
  • Create Variety: When it comes to lighting for kids rooms, it is recommended to mix a variety of different lighting styles. Kids need different lights for different purposes e.g. they may require a night light for feeling safe, a table lamp for reading before going to bed, doing homework, etc.
  • Choose Multipurpose Lights: Instead of going overboard with the lighting in your kid’s room, opt for lighting that doubles up as an aesthetic addition in the room. In addition to providing ample light, the fixtures should create a happy vibe in the room even when switched off.
  • Check The Material: Pick lamps that are made from sturdy, shatter-proof and durable material. Do not opt for lamps made of materials that can easily shatter.
  • Opt For A Versatile Design: Invest in lights with versatile designs that will not become obsolete as your child grows. Choose a design that will be functional and look appropriate even in your child’s teenage years.
  • Forgo Harsh Lights: Avoid harsh lights in a kids room. You should opt for lights in softer and calming hues. It is a good idea to invest in a dimmer, if you feel the light needs to be toned down sometimes. Also, ensure the lights do not create unwanted heat. Choose energy efficient lights that are cool to touch and safe for kids in case of accidental contact.
  • Create Layers: Experiment with creating an interesting effect of layers of lights in your child’s room. Adding layers of lights creates visual interest for younger kids.
  • Match Lights To The Rest Of The Room: Your choice of lights should go with the color of the walls, curtains, furniture, etc. in the room. Lighting fixtures that blend with the rest of the room instill a feeling of calm and order for children.

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