Selecting The Right Dining Chair

Dining chairs are one of the most significant elements in a dining space. The right dining chair is the one that complements the size, color and style of a dining room in addition to being comfortable and affordable.

If you are in search of suitable dining chairs for your dining room, here are some useful tips to help you make the right choice:

  1. Scale: The height of your dining chairs should be compatible with that of your dining table. An average distance of 8 to 14 inches between chair seat and table top is considered desirable for an average diner, however this may vary depending on the tabletop’s thickness, apron’s height, etc.
  2. Seat Height: To find a dining chair with suitable height distance from the table, you should ensure that it allows enough leg space. The right way to measure this distance is from the table’s bottom.
  3. Width And Depth: For tables of all shapes and sizes; the width and depth of a dining chair should be such that it can easily fit under a table without bumping on either side. The seats should not be cramped up against one another as it may cause discomfort to diners.
  4. Materials: When buying dining chairs, you can choose from a variety of materials such as wood, metal, plastic, wicker, etc. You can also make a choice between upholstered and non-upholstered seats. Choose the one that complements the material of your dining table, provides comfort and is easy to maintain.
  5. Arms And Back: If you want a dining chair with arms and tall backs, ensure that the arms do not bump into the table. This limits the distance of a diner from the table, causing discomfort while eating or reaching out for food.
  6. Style: Even though it is not necessary for dining chairs to completely match with the dining table, it would look aesthetically pleasing if their styles blend. There should be a common element between the table and chairs for them to look good together e.g. color undertone, design element (legs/feet), material, etc.

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