How To Test A Mattress Before Buying

By testing a mattress before buying, you can ensure that it is suitable for you by assessing the comfort level and quality. It is a crucial step when shopping for a mattress.

Following are some points to keep in mind when testing a mattress:

  • Know What You Want: The first step to test a mattress is to know what you want. This will lead you in the right direction when looking for your ideal mattress. Consider your budget, the size you want, comfort level, material and so on.
  • Test Its Comfort: The most common comfort levels in mattress are extra firm, firm, medium, plush and ultra-plush. Choose the right comfort level based on your style of sleeping, support required, type of mattress, cushioning etc.
  • Check The Brand: Every mattress brand has unique offerings in terms of quality and features. Some brands offer a superior sleeping experience, use innovative technologies or focus on durable designs while others are reasonably priced, eco-friendly and so on. Go for a brand that matches your expectations.
  • Look Into The Features: A good mattress offers features that add to longevity, a good sleeping experience and comfort. Some important features are the coil count, firmness, motion transfer, edge support, memory foam and temperature regulation. These features create motion isolation, minimize disturbance of a co-sleeper, improve mattress breathability and increase the life span of a mattress.
  • Consider Health Issues: If you have health problems like allergies, circulatory issues or joint aches, you should choose a mattress that will help in alleviating these problems. You should buy pressure relieving mattresses that are made from temperature sensitive and viscoelastic material. Such mattresses are health friendly and mold as per the contours of your body.
  • Test Its Firmness: Test the firmness of a mattress based on your weight. Softer mattresses can be used by lighter people whereas those who weigh more need firmer mattresses. Lie on your back on the mattress and sink into it to test the firmness of the mattress. The right firmness will provide maximum comfort.
  • Test The Size: To get the right length of the mattress, add six inches in height of the tallest person in your home. For the correct width, lie with your arms behind your head and see if that fits well.

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