Tips For Decorating With Rugs

Rugs come in a variety of colors, shapes, fabrics and sizes; making them economical and versatile options for decorating both the indoors and outdoors. When decorating a room with a rug, it is important to consider factors like the level of traffic in the room, size of the room, placement of the rug and the effect to be created.

Tips on decorating with rugs to accentuate the look of your home decor are:

  • Determine The Purpose: The first thing to do when decorating an area with a rug is to determine the purpose of using the rug. Based on the purpose of the rug you can choose from Accent Rugs, Kids Rugs, Indoor/Outdoor Rugs, Doormats, Round Rugs and a variety of Rug Pads.
  • Choose The Right Color: When it comes to rugs, you do not have to exactly match the rug with everything around it. Instead, choose a color or pattern that would complement the décor or highlight the area where rug is placed. Keep in mind that a dark colored rug will create a smaller appearance while a lighter one will do the opposite.
  • Choose An Appropriate Material/Construction: Based on the material used, a rug can be constructed in a variety of ways e.g. Shag, Tufted, Hand Woven and Machine Woven. Choose the material and construction as per the look you want to create.
  • Explore Various Sizes: The size of a rug has a huge impact on the scale of things in a room. The trick to scaling up things when using a rug is to choose the right size of a rug i.e. it should not be too small. The right size of a rug is one that ever-so-slightly exceeds the edges of furniture in the room.
  • Create A Theme: You can also create a theme in a room with the help of rugs e.g. Bohemian (rugs with vibrant and eclectic designs, an edgy style and splashes of color), Fall Hues, Color-Blocked (to add an element of excitement to a space), Warm Neutrals, Cool Grays, etc. as per the weather conditions and your personal style.
  • Random Tips: To create the perfect look, take along fabric swatches, floor samples and paint chips when shopping to match and coordinate colors/textures. Also, note down important measurements such as the size of the room, its floor space, the distance between various pieces of furniture and so on.

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