Types Of Rugs

Rugs are a simple and inexpensive way of defining a space, introducing colors and adding accent or texture to a room. They can be used as runners, play mats, decorative mats, etc. to add aesthetic appeal and functionality to a space.

Listed below are some of the most popular types of rugs as per style and construction:

Types Of Rugs As Per Style:

  • Area Rugs: These are one of the most popular and versatile rugs that can be used to define a specific area. Area rugs are available in various shapes, size, pattern and style.
  • Round Rugs: A blend of rich tradition, classic flair and elegance; round rugs are soft and durable rugs that can be used to add dimension and interesting texture to a space.
  • Runner Rugs: These rugs are narrow and long. They are commonly used in hallways, staircases or on kitchen floors right under the sink to prevent water splashes.
  • Accent Rugs: They are available in bold, understated and chic looks for every type of taste. They are usually used in hallways, living rooms and entryways and as focal points in a house.

Types Of Rugs As Per Construction:

  • Shag Rugs: Shag rugs are long and dense rugs that offer immense softness to the tone of a room or walking space in it. They work best in areas like under accent tables, in front of a bed or fireplace, etc.
  • Tufted Rugs: Tufted rugs are made by punching single yarns through a sheet of fabric with the help of a tufting gun. After this, a second fabric is glued behind the rug to keep everything in place. Tufted rugs are considered to be of a higher quality and are also durable.
  • Handwoven Rugs: Also referred to as ‘flat weaves’, these rugs have a flat appearance. The front and back of the rugs look alike, have no knots and are reversible. These simple, yet beautiful rugs look great in almost any type of setting. The fact that they do not have a backing, makes them durable and easy to clean.
  • Machine Woven Rugs: These rugs are also known as power loomed or Wilton weave rugs. They are as tough as hand knotted rugs in terms of durability, have a soft backing and a denser pile.

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