Buying Tables With Glass Tops

Glass table tops are highly versatile and look great on all types of tables i.e. modern, vintage and traditional. Apart from that, one of the main considerations when buying furniture is its maintenance especially for buyers with busy schedules and less time in their hands. This is another reason due to which tables with glass tops are a highly sought after piece of furniture. If you are planning to buy a table with a glass top in the near future, following are some points which may prove helpful in making a decision:

  • Thickness Of The Glass: The recommended thickness for ordinary indoor glass tops is 1/4” or 1/8”. If you are looking for a heavy table-top, look for a table with thicker glass. For outdoor tables, the glass should be on the thicker side for more strength and durability. The thickness of glass also depends upon purpose to be served by the table.
  • Clear Or Colored: To create more space in a room, opt for a clear glass top. However, if you want to add character to a room, then colored glass is a better option.
  • Look At The Edges: Glass tops for tables come with different edges. Common edges that can be seen on glass tops are the beveled polished edge, flat polish edge, ogee polished edge and pencil polished edge. The beveled edges have fancy angles and a clean look while flat edges lend a minimalistic and glossy look. An ogee edge has a gentle “S” shape and the pencil edge resembles a pencil with a round edge.
  • Consider The Finishing: Glass table tops can either be regular or tempered. Tempered glass offers added durability and strength. It is also scratch resistant.
  • Usage Of The Table: Another consideration when choosing glass for table-tops is the usage. The type of glass you purchase will depend on the room and type of table you want to use it on. Glass tops are used on dining tables, coffee tables, patio tables, tables with metal frames or wood.
  • Design: Your table should also do justice to the design you intend to create. Common glass table designs are country, contemporary and traditional. You may choose from mission, retro and rustic designs or opt for antique designs like the Queen Anne and French country concepts.
  • Cost: Luxurious glass table tops comprise of silver or golden sculpture crafting on the base. Simple tables with plain glass tops cost less than these. Keep in mind that your table should blend with the décor of the room you want to place it in irrespective of its price.

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