White Furniture – The Rising Trend

White is the color of peace and tranquility & has always been a much-liked color for home decor and furnishings. Over the years, the trend for white colored furniture has risen significantly. This could be attributed to the clean and breezy feel it exudes in a room.

In today’s fast-paced world, people want to go home to a place that feels calm, serene and pure. Going white is the first step in this direction. Here is a list of some special attributes of the white furniture trend that people seem to love:

  • Economically Viable: White furniture can go for years without looking outdated. This is great for the pocket as you do not have to bother changing your furniture every few years in order to catch up with the latest trends. White furniture is trend-proof and timeless.
  • A Neutral Palette: White furniture offers a neutral palette for experimenting with different colors and textures. You can instantly brighten up a room by throwing in a few colorful area rugs or pillows.
  • Blends With Everything Else: The best thing about a white piece of furniture is that it goes well with other pieces of furniture in contrasting color and style. The furniture looks great and stands out when placed next to items with darker finishes. Also, they make special accessories in the room stand out when blended with neutrals.
  • Add Depth To A Room: When white furniture is combined with different textures, it adds depth to the room, thus lending character and a natural feeling to it. An example of how such an effect can be created is to combine a white leather sofa with pillows, curtains and other furniture pieces upholstered in linens, sheers, etc.
  • Can Be Used In Almost Every Room: White furniture adds a special touch and effect in almost every room. If used in a bathroom, it instantly brightens and freshens up the room. When used with dark furniture in the living room or study, it balances the dark colors. In bedrooms, a white headboard makes the room look inviting and bright. In the dining room, it makes the room look cheerful, bright and appealing.
  • Clean Look: People follow a minimalistic approach these days. Less is more when it comes to decorating and furnishing a house. White furniture helps achieve a minimalistic, clean and bright look. Homes with white furniture look cleaner and tidier.

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