Children’s Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Decorating your child’s bedroom is a fun and creative task because with the right kind of furniture you can transform it into something magical. Always use bright and eye-pleasing colors and make the room inviting so that your kids love to spend their time in the bedroom specifically designed for them. The furniture used in the bedroom has to be functional and save space as well. Don’t keep very heavy pieces and ensure safety of your kids when placing any furniture item.

Some interesting children’s bedroom furniture ideas that you can implement have been listed below:

  • Bunk And Loft Bed: These beds are designed to save space in your child’s bedroom. Bunk and loft beds are not only comfortable but nowadays most of them are equipped with built-in amenities and accessories. You can even have an additional desk underneath the elevated bed frame. Certain designs in bunk and loft beds include built-in dressers that make it easy to store things. This will motivate your kids to keep their room neat and tidy.
  • Dressers And Chests: After beds, one of the most convenient furniture items to be kept in your child’s bedroom is a dresser. The drawers in the dressers are perfect for storing clothes and toys. Depending on the space available in your child’s bedroom, you can opt for dressers with up to seven drawers. With specific designs for boys and girls, dressers or chests can be a great addition to your child’s bedroom.
  • Bookcases: Another functional piece of furniture that is a must for every child’s bedroom is a bookcase or book shelf. Bookshelves can be used not just for keeping books but also art and craft items or toys etc. It is important to have as many storage items as possible in your child’s bedroom. Generally made from wood, bookcases can be bought in different colors such as cherry, black or espresso etc.
  • Nightstands: If you want to add a functional accent piece to your children’s bedroom, it is best to opt for a nightstand. Take your pick from traditional and contemporary designs for decorating the children’s bedroom. Nightstands provide a stable surface to keep important things close to the bed. Also, some nightstands include a couple of drawers that can be used to store toys and coloring books.
  • Toy Boxes: A wonderful way to make your child display his toys is by keeping a toy box in his/her room. Toy boxes can range from simple designs to more stylish ones depending on what you want for your child’s room. Take your pick from toy boxes with only display shelves or buy the ones with display shelves and a drawer. Extra items can be easily stored in the box while the upper surface can be used for keeping toys.

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