How To Choose Bohemian Home Decor Furniture

Bohemian style portrays casual, colorful and fun elements. Incorporating bohemian style home decor furniture is an ideal choice; if you are looking to create a comfortable and vibrant vibe in your home. When decorating a home with bohemian style furniture, you can follow unique trends as per your personal preferences and style sensibilities.

Let us take a look at some factors to consider when choosing bohemian home decor furniture:

  • Kind Of Furniture: Bohemian furniture is supposed to create a calm, relaxing and inviting atmosphere so choose each piece thoughtfully. Furniture made from natural wood complements the boho style and looks great with accessories like candles, lamps, nature-inspired wall hangings, etc.
  • Choice Of Colors: The bohemian color palette is bright, bold and energetic. So, when choosing furniture for a boho-inspired room, mix up the colors and brighten up space with colorful accessories and furniture, metallic and jewel tones like turquoise, electric blue, fiery orange, etc. If you do not want to go overboard with the colors, it is advisable to choose 2 to 3 primary colors.
  • Lighting: Invest in understated lighting to create a welcoming and warm feel. Instead of overhead light fixtures, use candles, table lamps, floor lamps and lanterns for a cozy feel.
  • Accessories: Make a statement with heirloom-quality accessories like trays with embossed metal designs and weathered gold-tone finishing, photo frames, vases of different sizes, pendant lights made of glass, sunburst mirrors with an antiqued gold-tone finish, metal wall sconces, and pillar candle holders.
  • Patterns And Textures: Focus on different textures and patterns when choosing bohemian furniture. Opt for rugs of different patterns and textures to add some visual interest to the room. You can choose from rugs with tight patterns, vibrant untraditional colors, distressed patterns, etc. Also invest in chairs, ottomans, sofas and other forms of seating made from a variety of textured materials.
  • Accents: Add pops of color by placing colorful and multi-patterned pillows, wall hangings, beddings, rugs, antique/unique lamps, etc. Invest in bold accessories and display them ubiquitously to bring out the bohemian look. Apart from such items, you can also incorporate furniture that looks unique and quirky to add an interesting flair to the room. Such furniture can be in the form of an antique dresser, an armoire with painted details, a distressed chair or table, ottomans (satin, corduroy or velvet), an antique headboard, etc.

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