How To Pair A Nightstand With A Bed

Nightstands are a pre-requisite for completing the look of a bedroom. They are not only functional pieces of furniture that provide storage and other utilities but also add an element of style and flair to a room. However, when pairing a nightstand with a bed, there are certain things to keep in mind e.g. its height, lighting option to be placed on it, utility, style and other characteristics.

Mentioned below are the detailed tips for perfectly pairing a nightstand with a bed:

  • Mix-Up Textures: When pairing a nightstand with a bed, consider mixing up textures/materials for an interesting effect. For example, pair a wooden bed with a nightstand made from stone, glass, mirror, metal, painted wood, etc.
  • Choice Of Color: Instead of focusing on matching the color of the nightstand with that of your bed, pay attention to how well the furniture blends with the entire room. Consider coordinating your nightstand with something in your room such as a window treatment, a rug, the lighting or even a piece of artwork.
  • Style: Create a high contrast look by choosing a nightstand that has an entirely different style than that of your bed. For example, try pairing a modern bed with a rustic nightstand, an industrial-style nightstand with a rustic bed or a traditional bed with a modern nightstand. If you want to use the same style for both the nightstand and the bed, do so but mix-up the textures or colors.
  • Scale: Your nightstand should be either of the same height as that of the mattress on your bed or slightly higher. For wider beds, the nightstands should also be wide for a proportionate look. As far as the depth is concerned, a nightstand should not be much deeper for a comfortable exit from the bed.
  • Utility: In addition to complementing the bed with which it is being paired against, a nightstand should also serve the functions a buyer desires. Common uses of a nightstand are for placing items like lamps, books, a glass of water, sculptures, decorative vases, jars, etc. If you prefer a minimalist look on the nightstand, opt for one without storage space.
  • Details And Accessories: When buying a nightstand, consider some accessories and details that you would like to include. For example, you can choose nightstands with USB charging ports, electrical outlets, power cords, pull-out tray, etc. and details such as antiqued goldstone hardware, iron-tone hardware, dark bronze-tone hardware, marble inlay top, smooth drawers, woven basket drawers, hand finishing, etc.

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