Choosing A Coffee Table

For overall appearance and aesthetics of a room, different pieces of furniture should complement each other. Thus, when purchasing a coffee table, it is important that it should match with the sofa and other accent pieces in the room.

Tips on how to choose a coffee table are:

  • Scale: To ensure that your coffee table and sofa match, they should be of the right scale in comparison to one another. This means that when placed in close proximity, the sofa and the table should be comparable in terms of size and weight. For instance, if you have a large sofa, instead of opting for a dainty coffee table you should also scale up the size of the coffee table to that of the sofa.
  • Size: The height of a coffee table should not be lower than an inch or two from that of the sofa seat. The right height of a coffee table is one that is easy to access while sitting on the sofa. Also, the length of coffee table should be less that the length of sofa. There should also be approximately a foot and a half of distance between the sofa and the table for easier movement in the room.
  • Style: Choose a coffee table that blends with the style of your sofa. You can opt for coffee tables in a variety of styles, such as modern (sleek glass tables), vintage (a rustic look table), formal (rectangular or square table) or informal (a round table).
  • Material: The material of your coffee table should be in sync with that of your sofa. For instance, if your sofa has a modern look, a glass coffee table with a touch of brass or steel will complement it. For casual looking sofas, wooden coffee tables look compatible.
  • Functionality: For a sofa lying in a common room where family, kids and pets gather at some point, you can opt for functional coffee tables with additional storage options. These tables complement informal sofas and are apt for working, eating, storing and more.
  • Shape: When considering the shape of a coffee table, buy one that fits the space. Also, consider the shape of your sofa or sectional.

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