Choosing The Right Dining Table Shape

Dining tables are available in different shapes such as rectangular, square, oval and round. Choosing the right dining table for your house depends upon numerous factors. You need to consider the size of the room, shape of the area, interior decor style to be created, number of seating required, etc. Also, it is important to make the right choice of material, color and texture of the dining table.

Based on the most common shapes of dining tables i.e. round, square, oval and rectangular, here are some tips for choosing a dining table for your home:

  • Round-Shaped Dining Tables: Round tables are the right choice for those who have intimate dinners and small gatherings. The tables facilitate better one-on-one interactions amongst family members and friends. In addition to this, they occupy minimal space. Also, it is convenient to fit in more people around a round table as there are no corners to cause discomfort.
  • Square Dining Tables: These dining tables look best in square-shaped dining rooms. They exude a formal look while creating an intimate atmosphere. Some square tables can also be expanded with extra leaves for catering to extra people. On special occasions, square tables can be easily combined to create rectangular seating for accommodating more people.
  • Oval Dining Tables: If you are looking for a delicate alternative to rectangular dining tables, oval tables should be considered as a great option. Due to their rounded corners, they occupy lesser space than rectangular tables. Also, when compared to round tables, these tables offer accommodation for more people.
  • Rectangular Tables: Rectangular dining tables are an ideal choice for hosting a large number of people. Additionally, some rectangular tables have the provision of being expanded with an extra leaf on the arrival of unexpected guests. These tables offer an option to create a versatile look by pairing chairs and bench seating options.
  • Miscellaneous Tips: Apart from the above-mentioned tips to choose the right shape for a dining table, one should also measure the table-to-wall clearance, leaving considerable space to walk around. Also measure the table-to-furniture clearance from the edge of furniture. Ensure enough elbow-room and leg space while choosing the seating options for your table.

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