Choosing The Right Furniture Shape & Size

When furnishing a home, the most important point to consider is that the furniture should complement each other and the space in which it is placed. Well-coordinated furniture is essential to ensure a stylish and aesthetic decor. Some factors that need to be taken into account for choosing furniture that goes together are size, shape, color, texture, pattern, material, theme, etc. Among these factors, deciding the shape of different furniture pieces needs thorough understanding.

When talking about shape, the factor mainly applies to two types furniture pieces: tables and sofas/couches. Here is a simple guide to help you choose the right shape of tables and sofas that will help in enhancing the decor of your home.

Dining Table: Dining area is focal point of family and friends get-togethers. So, it should be of a comfortable fit and right shape for the designated space.

  • Rectangular dining table is ideal for both traditional and modern settings. It is best suited in long and narrow spaces. Additionally, the linear shape allows sufficient space to move around the table.
  • A circular dining table is suitable for smaller and square-shaped spaces. Choose a circular dining table when trying to achieve an intimate and casual vibe.
  • A square table is also suitable for square-shaped dining areas and for groups of four people.
  • Oval-shaped dining table can be used as an alternative for rectangular tables in case of narrower rooms as the rounded corners free up extra space for movement.

Centre Table: A centre table binds together the look of a living room.

  • Opt for a rectangular centre table if pairing with a rectangular or L-shaped sofa.
  • For smaller length sofas or a square seating arrangement, choose a round centre table.
  • Oval or circular centre tables can also be used for creating an interesting pattern and breaking the monotony of shapes.

Coffee Table: A coffee table can be placed near a sofa or chair for both practical and decorative purposes.

  • Choose a rectangular or oval shaped table when working around a smaller sofa or seating corner.
  • Pair a square shaped coffee table with larger seating areas such as areas including a four-seat sofa and a love seat.

Sofa: It is another important piece of furniture and the shape needs to be chosen carefully.

  • Choose a traditional two or three seat sofa for smaller spaces and pair it with a love seat.
  • If you have a larger living area, opt for sectional sofas or corner sofas that have a rectangular shape to balance the size of the room.

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