How To Accessorize An Apartment?

When it comes to accessorizing an apartment, the key is to choose different elements that coordinate well. Right accessories can make a small apartment look bigger and functional. Here are some tips to help you accessorize an apartment:

  • Make Small Spaces Feel Larger: Apartments are usually smaller in size. While decorating an apartment, make sure to choose a style that makes the space look bigger. For example, the color of the walls sets the theme for the decor. So, paint the walls in a lighter shade to make the room look larger. Paint one accent wall in a darker shade to add depth to the space.
  • Colors & Patterns Of Accessories: Make sure to create cohesion by sticking to similar theme of colors and patterns throughout the apartment. Some simple examples to do so are to match the print of living room cushions with the curtains or match the wood grain of the night stand in the bedroom with the coffee table in the living room. These patches of cohesion can make the apartment feel connected, cozy and relaxing.
  • Place A Statement Piece: Create a focal point by placing a statement piece such as a splashy area rug or accent piece of art. This helps in drawing attention towards the statement piece and keeps attention away from problematic areas such as dark corners or oversized furniture.
  • Use Smart Storage: Get creative and use smart pieces of storage that can act as accessories such as baskets. These storage options help in de-cluttering the apartment while adding an aesthetic appeal. A de-cluttered space looks larger and bigger.
  • Use Mirrors: Using mirrors is a good apartment accessorizing trick. Mirrors reflect light and can open up the size of any room. For example, placing a mirror near the window of a small dining area or bathroom can make the space look bigger. Tall mirrors can be used to make the ceiling look higher and illuminate dimmer parts of the room.
  • Area Rugs: Open floor plans are a common concept in small apartments. Use area rugs to delineate spaces, such as place a splashy area rug under the couch to specify the living area and a cozier rug by the bed to lay the boundary for sleeping zone.

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