Creating Your Personal Home Office

As the trend of working from home is catching up, it is important to focus on creating a work space that boosts productivity and minimizes distractions. It is best to set up a separate space in your house as your home office. Creating a dedicated place to work at home ensures that all your things stay at one place and everything you need is within your reach.

When setting up a home office, keep in mind following tips:

  • Location: The first thing to do is to figure out the right spot in your house that can be converted into a home office. This should be a place with minimal distractions, ample lighting, ventilation and space for a desk and chair.
  • Privacy: If possible, look for a room that can be shut off from the rest of the family for some hours. It is important to have a place which provides silence for productivity and concentration while working. If there is no separate room for an office, consider using a privacy divider for separating yourself momentarily while working and minimizing visual distractions.
  • Comfort: Along with creating a professional environment to work in, make sure the space is comfortable for hours at a stretch. Invest in a high quality ergonomic chair and desk to ensure correct posture while working. Invest in a chair with neck and back support, adjustable height, a swivel base, armrest, etc. If your working hours are too long, consider buying a standing desk.
  • Lighting: The quality of lighting is crucial when it comes to a workspace. Lighting not only affects the mood but also impacts your productivity levels. Keep your home office bright and airy for maximum productivity. Invest in unique lighting fixtures including table lamp, floor lamp and wall fixture.
  • Eye Support: Ensure that the distance between your computer screen and your eyes is at least 20 inches and further away, if the screen is large.  While looking down at your screen, it is important for your neck to be properly aligned. If you need to, invest in a screen riser for proper adjustment. You can also opt for chair with adjustable height.
  • Storage: Cater to storage requirements for important documents by buying shelves and storage cabinets. The top part of a storage cabinet can be used as a table to keep books, a printer and other office accessories. Maximize your storage options by investing in vertical storage furniture like tall bookcases, floating shelves, etc.

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