Do’s And Don’ts For Furniture Arrangement

Arranging the furniture in a room in the best possible manner is essential to make the whole appearance look warm and inviting. The furniture arrangement should be able to create an ambiance that is ideal for get-togethers and friendly conversations. While setting up furniture in an empty room can seem to be a tedious task, there are certain rules that can help you out. Some of the do’s and don’ts for furniture arrangement are mentioned below:


  • Have a point of attraction: It is important to choose a focal point in your room and then arrange the furniture around it as beautifully as possible. The point of focus can be created using a media unit, TV set etc. At other times, you can take advantage of the focal points already available in the structure of your room. For instance, you can put the spotlight on the windows or fireplace in your room and display rest of the furniture accordingly.
  • Buy a good coffee table: A large and comfortable coffee table is one of the pre-requisites for a functional seating area. Place the coffee table in the center of your room and arrange chairs or sofas around it. The guests can easily place their beverages or snack plates on the coffee table. Always ensure that there is enough space between the seating and coffee table so that people can pass through easily.
  • Have adequate lighting: One of the most important elements that can make or mar a room is: lighting. Apart from overhead lighting, you can also place accent pieces such as floor lamps, table lamps or wall sconces, if possible. Individual furniture pieces can shine through if you have adequate lighting. For instance, a floor lamp kept at the end of a sofa looks extremely beautiful. Or, you can have a spectacular table lamp on side tables or shelves for good effect.


  • Make furniture a barricade: Your furniture should always be arranged in a manner so that your guests don’t have difficulty while navigating through the room. Keeping furniture too close to each other or using it as a kind of fence is definitely a bad decision. Always have room between furniture pieces so that there is enough space to walk properly.
  • Get a wrong size of the rug: Area rugs should be ideally kept beneath all the furniture items for aesthetic as well as functional purposes. Choosing the wrong sized rugs can expose the floor too much and make your room look less appealing. Therefore, always have a furniture arrangement wherein at least the front legs of the large furniture items easily sit on the rugs. The back legs can rest on the floor, if there is no other option.
  • Make errors in hanging artwork: There are numerous options such as mirrors, photographs and paintings etc., which can be hanged on the walls. However, you need to hang all the art work in consonance with your furniture arrangement. For instance, don’t put up a tiny sculptural object or artwork behind the sofa. Instead, buy a big piece or use group of pictures to hang on the wall to bring harmony in the look of the room.