Elements Of Home Decor

Elements of home decor are tangible factors that add visual beauty to a home while lending it a unique feel & personality. Pay attention to these elements when decorating your home to make it look aesthetically appealing.

Listed below are some of the most important elements of home decor:

  • Space: The space available in a room determines how it should be decorated and the items that should be used to do so. For small rooms furniture items such as loveseats, a chest of drawers, accent chairs, etc. can be used to add to the aesthetic appeal of the room without making it look cluttered. However, you can add more furnishings like sofa, ottoman, coffee table, futon, etc. to a large room but make sure to strike a balance between occupied & negative space. Overcrowding a room can make it look smaller.
  • Shape: The shape of items used for decorating your home have a major impact on the overall look. Curved furniture adds a soft feminine appeal while sharp edged furniture creates a bold statement. Pair items in both shapes to create a balanced decor.
  • Size: The size and scale of decor determines how everything looks when placed together. To achieve the best look for a room, strike the right balance between the size of decor items and furnishings used. Mix and match furniture items in different size; however, make sure that they complement each other.
  • Style: Before decorating your home, research and choose a style of decor that matches your lifestyle. Based on your preference, buy furnishings that belong to same style such as farmhouse, industrial, eclectic, contemporary, etc.
  • Form: Create a sense of harmony in the rooms by paying attention to the form of items used. For example, if your dining room is rectangular, opt for a rectangular dining table and hang some round pendant lights above it for creating contrast and a sense of balance.
  • Color: Paying attention to the element of color is important for creating combinations that are aesthetically appealing. The choice of colors can be used to brighten dark spaces, add a sense of warmth, make a space feel luxurious and so on.
  • Texture: Texture determines the appearance and feel of a decorative item or furniture. Pairing items in different textures like smooth, glossy, dull, coarse, softness, etc. helps in creating a contemporary look where each item complements the other while making its unique presence felt.

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