A Guide To Choose The Right Patio Table

As the summer season takes over, patio becomes the most suitable place to spend the evenings with family and friends. When furnishing the patio, the choice of table is of utmost importance as it becomes the focal point of the decor. The choice of patio table should be such that it adds to the appeal of the decor while serving its rightful purpose.

Here is a detailed guide to choosing the right patio table:

  • Weather-Resistant: When choosing a table for the patio, weather-resistance becomes the most desirable feature. Look for a patio table that is made up of materials such as wood, metal, or ceramic. Also, ask the staff at the furniture store if the table is treated for improved weather-resistance quality.
  • The Right Size: The perfect size of a patio table is the one that fits the available space while allowing for free movement around it. Also, consider the number of seating to be added around the table before deciding the right size. A great option is to choose a set of multiple stool tables in small sizes, as they can be stacked together for seating larger groups when required.
  • Shape: Patio tables are available in a variety of shapes such as rectangle, square, circular, etc. The choice of shape depends upon the available space and type of sofa. Additionally, personal requirements also govern the shape of the patio table. A circular table may be chosen for creating a cozy vibe whereas a rectangular table suit spaces designed for hosting larger groups.
  • Style Of The Table: There are numerous patio table styles available including island tables, end tables, stools, coffee tables, bar tables, fire pit tables, etc. The choice of table style depends upon the desired decor style and purpose to be served.
  • Multipurpose: A lot of patio tables are designed to serve multiple purposes. Some common examples being bar tables with fire pit, dining tables with umbrella holding options, bar tables with storage, etc. These patio tables can be chosen to create a modern and minimalistic space by avoiding the need for multiple pieces of furniture.
  • Color: The color of the patio table should be chosen to match the theme of decor. It can either be chosen to blend in or create a contrast for a fun vibe. The choice of color of a patio table is no longer limited to natural hues such as white, black, grey, etc. A number of patio tables are available in fun colors such as red, turquoise, etc. Muted colors can be used for creating a traditional decor style whereas fun colors can be used for a modern chic decor style. A major point to consider is that the color should be able to withstand the changing climate.

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