Guide To Different Types Of Barstools

Barstools come in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes. Comfort, height and spacing are crucial aspects that must be considered when choosing the right bar stool. Even though bar stools were originally meant for pubs and bars, in recent years, they have been incorporated in kitchens, home bars and entertainment rooms. Depending on where you would like to use a bar stool, here are some guidelines to help you understand different types of bar stools in the market and choose one that suits you the best.

• Leather Bar Stools
– These bar stools are extremely comfortable and elegant looking. Their appearance is neat and sophisticated. They go well with the modern décor and are easy to clean as well as maintain. Also, there are many colour options to choose from in this category.

• Metallic Bar Stools
– Made from metal, these classic bar stools are usually used in restaurants as they enhance the décor and provide reasonable comfort to sit for a short while. They can also be used in homes and their sleek design makes it easy to stack them away when not in use.

• Wooden Bar Stools – These bar tools can easily blend with any environment. The neat and simple design makes them a good choice for simplistic modern kitchens and bars. They add a luxurious element wherever placed and can also be used for commercial purposes.

• Salon Bar Stools – They are practical and easy to glide around making them a perfect choice to be used at homes, massage & tattoo parlours, beauty salons etc.

• Gas-Lift Bar Stools – These stools have an in-built gas-lift mechanism which makes them easily adjustable for different height requirements. They are best suited for kitchens, offices and treatment rooms as opposed to commercial places.

• Swivel Bar Stools – Swivel stools are easy to move from side to side at 360 degree and 180 degree angles without moving the stools base. This makes them an ideal choice for bar counters and gaming areas. Be sure to confirm the durability of the moving mechanism before purchasing one.

• Backrest Bar Stools
– Anyone looking for an added dose of comfort should consider bar stools with a back rest. There are two types of back rests in bar stools. The first is a small lip back rest. This is mainly for providing a sense of stability. They don’t consume a lot of space and can easily be tucked under a bar table/shelf. The second are stools with a large back support primarily for comfort purposes. These consume a fair amount of space and are suitable for large and spacious areas.

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