How To Furnish A Living Room In Contemporary Style?

Contemporary style of furnishing is defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication, deliberate use of textures, and clean lines. It is focused on making a room look more spacious and clutter-free. The style is driven by color, space, and shapes to create a sleek and fresh look. When furnishing a living room in contemporary style, elements are borrowed from many other aesthetics including modern, traditional, art deco, and futuristic designs.

In order to create a contemporary style living room, some basic rules need to be followed:

Colors: Contemporary style furniture makes use of a clean color palette including neutrals, black, and white. It is advised to buy furniture such as sofas, chairs, ottomans, etc. in signature contemporary style colors. However, accessories such as throw pillows can be bought in bold and bright colors to create a contrast and break the monotony.

Style: When trying to achieve a contemporary look for the living room, less is more! The furniture pieces with ruffles, excessive carved details, fringes or floral patterns should be avoided. The choice of furniture should be basic, bold, and structural. Opt for sofas, chairs, and ottomans with exposed legs.

Shape: Shape is a basic element of contemporary style. So, focus on choosing furniture with smooth, clean, and geometric shapes. Avoid opting for curved or decorated surfaces. The tip here is to choose minimalistic furniture that creates a symmetrical view across the room.

Upholstery: The key to choosing the right upholstery for contemporary style furniture is to opt for natural fabrics in white, black or neutral shades. Avoid choosing a furniture item upholstered in floral or cute patterns. Instead, create a sophisticated look with plain upholstered furniture in different textures such as hued, pebbly, etc. and throw pillows showcasing geometric patterns.

Multifunctional: Use of multifunctional pieces of furniture is a basic way of creating a contemporary style living room. Choose pieces such as chaise with hidden storage, ottomans with underneath storage, etc. These pieces of furniture help in de-cluttering the room while adding to the functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Lighting: Ample amount of natural light is a key feature of a contemporary style living room. In addition to the natural light, focus on choosing shapely fixtures with high gloss, natural wood or metallic finishes. Also, create a layered impact by using ambient, accent, and task lighting.

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