Tips To Choose The Best Bunk Bed For Your Kids

Bunk bed is a must-have furniture item for every child’s room. Not only do they come in different sizes, colors and styles but also bunk beds conserve space, are safe for kids, can be used for storage, and add to your child’s endless adventure.

Here we have listed certain factors that must be considered while purchasing a bunk bed for your kid –

  1. Age Of The Child

The age of your child is a major influencer when it comes to choosing the right bunk bed. For younger kids, safety should be of prime concern. Look for a bunk bed with high railings, small stairs and of course plenty of storage which can be used by your little one to store their toys.

For older kids, safety becomes less of an issue and style becomes a priority. Themed bunk beds are a hot favorite for teenagers.

  1. Stairs Or Ladders

It is important to consider factors like safety, storage and the positioning of bed before choosing between stairs and ladders. For smaller kids, it’s safer to opt for bunk beds with stairs. Older kids will however love ladders as they are good at balancing themselves and find it adventurous to climb on their beds with ladders.

  1. Height

Considering the height of the lower and higher bed is very important when it comes to bunk beds. The lower bed should have plenty of space to meet your child’s requirement. As your child grows, there should be enough room for him/her to be able to sit comfortably without banging their head above.

The same goes for the bed on top. You should choose a bed with more head space above as well. Consider how high or low the roof is and then choose the bunk bed accordingly.

  1. Separation Of Beds

Your kids are bound to grow. If you are not keen on buying another set of bed when they grow up, then you should opt for bunk beds which can be easily converted into single beds when need arises.

  1. Storage

If storage is crucial for you, then bunk beds are the right choice for you. Most of them come with staircase drawers, attached desks, shelves and bottom bunks. What a versatile piece of furniture!

  1. How Sturdy Is The Bunk Bed?

This is probably the most important factor. Take a look at the materials used, the assembly of the bed and the quality of its frame. It should be sturdy enough for your children to jump and bounce on. After all, in addition to being a bed, it is going to be your child’s fun and adventure zone!

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