Tips To Choose The Right Chair For Your Home Office

The modern day work culture and advancements in IT have made the concept of home offices quite popular. Just as we give special attention to our sitting arrangement in offices, it is highly recommended to give importance to the working chair for furnishing your home office. Choosing the right chair for your home office ensures comfort and correct posture while working to prevent health issues like back pain, arm and shoulder pain, etc.

When choosing a chair for your home office, consider the following tips:

  1. Lumbar Support Offered: Look for a chair that offers support to the lower back as this will help in preventing back strain and health issue like sciatica. It is best to opt for chairs with adjustable lumbar support providing the comfort of fitting the lower back properly into the seat.
  2. Movement: Office chairs should be able to swivel freely to avoid arm fatigue while accessing things on the desk. A smooth and functional wheel base is also important as it helps to move across one’s workspace without straining the back.
  3. Fabric: The fabric used for upholstering an office chair should be breathable. This keeps the chair from becoming uncomfortably hot after long hours of sitting and working. Also, there should be some soft cushioning underneath the fabric that provides support during long working hours.
  4. Type Of Seat: It is advisable to choose office chairs that have curvy seats and are contoured to provide equal weight distribution and comfort. A soft seat prevents the chair from rubbing at the back of one’s knees and minimizes the discomfort of thigh compression.
  5. Joint Care: The right office chair is one which ensures that your hips, knees and ankles are at a 90-degree angle. Always test a seat before purchasing one to judge whether the angle of your joints is correct or not. A wrong angle of joints while sitting indicates that the chair is too tall or short for your comfort.

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