Tips To Choose Right Sofa Color

A sofa tends be the center of focus in a living room. Thus, it is important to ensure that its color and style coordinate with rest of the room. When choosing a color for your sofa, you should consider the color of the walls, decor style of the room, the sofa’s usage, etc.

Listed below are some tips to help you make the right color choice when buying a sofa:

  • Existing Color Palette: If you are buying sofa for a room that is yet to be decorated and painted; you can opt for a colorful & vibrant sofa and use it as a base for completing the look of the room. However, if the room is already decorated, the sofa’s color should be such that it blends with rest of the room. You can also match the color of the sofa to that of the wall to make the room look larger.
  • Floor Color: The right color of a sofa will depend on the color of the floor as well. If you have a dark colored floor, opt for a light colored sofa and vice versa. Placing a dark sofa on a dark floor will take the focus off the sofa and make the room look smaller.
  • Usage: The intended use of sofa will also impact the choice of its color. For example, if the space where you want to place the sofa is used for holding meetings, engaging in lively conversations, formal entertainment and so on; then you should choose a bright and colorful sofa that adds positivity & energy to the room. On the contrary, if the sofa is slated to be used by kids and pets, sofas in darker colors with subtle patterns should be considered.
  • UV Exposure: The choice of color is also influenced by the location of sofa. If the sofa is placed in a spot that is exposed to lots of sunlight, you should opt for colors that will not fade as a result of UV rays. Light colors are believed to be the best choice for spaces that receive more sun light as they show less signs of fading. For outdoor sofas, you should choose fabrics that are designed to combat solar exposure and fading.
  • Personal Taste: Lastly, the choice of color for your sofa should resonate with your personal liking. Some have a penchant for neutral and earthy tones whereas others love bold & bright colors. A sofa is usually going to stay with you for years, so choose a color that makes you feel happy & uplifted.

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