Guide To Buying A Futon

Futons originated in Japan as make-shift beddings but they have come a long way. Today, a futon usually consists of a frame, mattress and cover.  In modern interiors, these versatile pieces serve multiple purposes of a couch, sofa or bed.

Following are some points to keep in mind when purchasing a futon:

  • Size: Futons are available in a variety of sizes i.e. twin, full, queen and king size futons. Choose a futon to complement the space available in the room you would like to place it. If furnishing a small space, you may consider a futon chair that can be converted into a twin bed. Before deciding the size of futon, it is important to consider that the frame may extend on the sides of futon mattress and require extra space. Also, make sure that enough space is left for walking around the room after converting the futon into a couch or bed.
  • Usage: When shopping for a futon mattress, consider what you intend to use it for. If you want to use it occasionally as an extra bed for guests, opt for an affordable but comfortable mattress. However, if you want to use it as a bed or couch for regular use, invest in a high quality mattress and cover.
  • Aesthetics: If aesthetics are an important factor for you, buy a futon that will not lose shape over time. Also, you can choose from a wide variety of covers available in solid color, patterns or textured upholstery depending upon the decor of the room and your personal preference.
  • Style: There are many styles of futons to choose from depending on where they are to be placed and how often they are to be used. Common ones are wooden futon frames, upholstered frames and metal frames.
  • Price: Futons are a great choice if you are looking for a combination of style and functionality within an affordable budget. Consider your requirements, purpose and comfort before deciding the price range for a futon.

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