Types Of Dining Tables

Educating oneself on the different types of dining tables is important before purchasing one. Dining tables are not only meant for creating pleasant eating experiences but are also a point at which family and friends gather casually. Let’s delve into different types of dining tables in the market today:

1. As Per The Material Used

  • Glass Tables
    Dining tables with glass tops are ideal for instantly brightening up a room. The tempered glass on these tables make them durable and chip resistant. The best part about such types of dining tables is that they can be paired with any type of chair and they will look amazing.
  • Wooden Tables
    These tables lend a classic look to the dining room. They are very durable and sturdy. The only care they require is a coat of hard wax twice a year.
  • Plywood Tables
    Dining tables made from plywood are widely used by modern households owing to the benefits they have. They are easy to care for and maintain. This option is great for those who are constantly on the move.
  • Marble Tables
    Marble dining tables cost more but are worth it in the end. Their elegance makes them stand apart from the rest. They need to be kept clean and are quite heavy.
  • Metal Tables
    If you are looking for something that looks modern, is stain resistant, rough, tough and cool to touch, then metal dining tables are an ideal choice. They are best suited for spaces that have been styled in a contemporary or industrial style.

2. As Per The Shape

  • Rectangular
    Rectangular dining tables are a common choice for many. Their classic shape makes them extremely functional.
  • Square
    Square tables look best in compact spaces, narrow rooms or a long dining room. They are best suited for a casual look.
  • Round
    Round tables look best in small dining rooms. It’s easier to play around with the seating options on round tables.
  • Oval Tables
    They are a little bigger than the round variants and can accommodate more people.

3. As Per The Style

  • Traditional
    Traditional looking dining tables are timeless. They never go out of style. They are usually big in size and effortlessly impart a luxurious feel to a room.
  • Modern
    These tables have a simple and minimalistic design. They look best in a modern set up.
  • Rustic
    As the name suggests, rustic dining tables have a rustic feel to them. They are great for the outdoors and if placed indoors, they add a natural vibe to the dining room.
  • Industrial
    Industrial dining tables look like they belong to a factory’s working station. They create a factory feel with their metallic bold look and strong wood shapes.
  • Contemporary
    These tables sport a quirky and modern look. They are a good choice for anyone interested in the latest dining table trends.

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