Understanding The Relation Between Mattress & Quality Sleep

Sleep is an important part of biological cycle of a body. It helps the body to relax, physically and mentally, to regain its energy. Sleep is highly important to maintain physical and mental health of a person. So, it is imperative to ensure the quality of sleep. Among other factors that account for quality of sleep, a comfortable mattress holds high rank.

But, how can a mattress be related to quality sleep?

Here is the answer to this commonly asked question. In order to sleep peacefully, a person has two physical requirements:

  • Enough Space
  • Comfort

Both these factors are related to mattress.

  • Enough Space: A mattress that is of right size to allow a person to stretch and turn can add to the quality of sleep. Although, people may have different sleeping styles for example some people like to lie straight while others have a habit of curling up; it is still common for every sleeper to extend all the limbs or turn sides at some point during sleeping. So, the size of mattress is related to quality sleep such that if the mattress doesn’t allow enough space, the sleeper may either have to squeeze himself or may fall off the mattress while sleeping; both leading to disturbed sleep.
  • Comfort: The quality of sleep may be hampered if the sleeper is not comfortable while sleeping, which creates a relation between the comfort level of the mattress and sleep quality. A comfortable mattress can hold different meaning for every individual, however, in general it should be such that the sleeper experiences optimum temperature and support while sleeping. The mattress should have proper air circulation to avoid extensive sweating. Also, it should neither be so soft that the sleeper gets buried in it and is unable to turn or breathe (in case of stomach sleepers), nor too firm to exert unruly pressure on body curves.

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