Is Your Mattress Good For You?

What does your mattress do? Does it plays the role of improving the quality of your sleep or is it just an accessory to your bed? Do you look forward to lying on that mattress at the end of a hectic day? All these questions can be compiled into on – Is Your Mattress Good Enough For You?

It is common for people to ask, how a mattress matters. But the truth is that a mattress plays a significant role in making you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and full of energy after sleeping. So, how do you check if your mattress is good or if it is time to buy a new mattress?

Here are some points to check –

  • Is The Mattress Sagging? The mattress is not good for you if it has physical signs of distress. These signs may include sagging in the middle or corners, lumps throughout the mattress, asymmetry (one side is lower, higher, softer, harder, or lumpier than the other), etc. These signs are a clear indication that the mattress is worn out and needs to be changed.
  • Is The Mattress Noisy? Does your mattress creak, groan or pop every time you turn while sleeping? The truth is, it shouldn’t! A good mattress lets you sleep, toss and turn without making any noise. The problem may arise after extended use over years and it is a clear indication that the mattress needs to be changed.
  • Does It Feel Different? Try to remember how the mattress felt when you bought it and then compare it to its current condition. If the mattress feels harder or softer in the level of support it offers, chances are that the mattress has lived its lifespan.
  • How Do You Feel When You Wake Up? A night’s sleep is meant to make you feel relaxed and energized in the morning. However, if you wake up with pain or soreness in the body, it indicates that the mattress doesn’t provide optimal level of support and firmness. This may also have an impact on quality of sleep such as taking too long to fall asleep, waking up through the night, etc.

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