Understanding Sofa Bed Designs

A sofa bed, also known as a pull-out sofa, sleeper-sofa, etc. is a couch with a metal frame underneath its seating cushions that can be pulled out to reveal a bed. Sofa beds are a convenient option for apartments or homes with a lot of visitors. They take less space and also double up as a seat as well as bed while being aesthetic to look at.

Sofa beds come in various sizes, shapes and designs. Following are some points that help in understanding factors that contribute to the design of a sofa bed:

  • Types Of Sofa Beds: The design of a sofa bed depends primarily on its type. For instance, a pull out sofa bed consists of a queen size mattress and metal bars to form the bed frame. These are designed for extreme comfort while sitting. Futon sofa beds are convenient for those who move or shift frequently e.g. students. They are designed to offer easy mobility.
  • Size Of A Sofa Bed: Sofa beds are designed to be shorter than regular beds, the most common styles being twin sofa beds or single beds. Queen size sofa beds are also available for large spaces.
  • Mattresses: The design of a sofa bed has to compliment the mattress that will be used on it. If an innerspring mattress is used, the sofa bed will have coils inside it for bounciness and additional comfort. Sofa beds with high quality memory foam mattresses are meant to be flexible, comfortable and supportive.
  • Mechanisms: The opening mechanism for a sofa bed will impact its design. A well-designed sofa bed should be able to open and close smoothly. Sofa beds have varying opening mechanism i.e. click clack, pull-out and power open. Click clack mechanisms are common in futon beds in which the sofa frame is pulled forward till it clicks. Pull-out sofa beds and sleeper chairs use the pull-out mechanism with the help of a handle. The power open mechanism uses a remote to unfold and fold the sofa bed.
  • Brands: The structure of all sofa beds is similar Irrespective of its brand. Usually, all sofa beds have a frame to hold the mattress. However, the material used to build the frame and base under the mattress may vary. Also, different brands may offer varying sizes of sofa beds.

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