Coordinating Colors & Textures Of Furniture

The right combination of textures and colors influences the look and feel of a room. When hand-picking furniture instead of custom sets, it may be helpful to know how to coordinate the look of the furniture. The right mix of colors, textures, patterns and materials is necessary for a cohesive and cozy look. The goal should be to create a balance of colors and textures.

Following are some pro-tips for color and texture coordination:

  • Make A Swatch Grid: Make a swatch grid consisting of color and texture combinations that appeal to you. These could be combinations you came across at stores, online platforms and magazines. This will familiarize you with the way different colors and textures work and give you an idea of some great options for your house.
  • Mix Up Textures: When trying to mix textures, consider keeping the color neutral. For instance, if you are working with the living room, combine a set of plain-textured sofas with a heavily textured ottoman and some accent chairs in same color palette for an interesting effect and depth in the room.
  • Mix Up Furniture Colors & Decor: When it comes to coordinating colors in a room, start with a neutral color e.g. beige, taupe or grey. To this, add a few bright base colors and layer these with a pop of accent colors. The trick is to avoid combining bold contrasting colors.
  • Floor & Furniture Coordination: The kind of floor in your room will also impact the color and texture choice of furniture. A heavily-textured floor calls for a subdued choice of color and texture of the furniture. For example, if your floor is dark and consists of a prominent grain, choose furniture with lighter colors and a softer look.
  • Furniture Size: If you have a large piece of furniture in a room, you should make it the base point for everything else. Consider its color and texture when choosing other pieces of furniture. If it is a neutral sofa, you can add different textures and play with colors too as opposed to if it is a bold and heavily-textured sofa.
  • Big To Small: When in doubt, start working with bigger pieces and progress to the smaller ones. If the big pieces are plain, the smaller pieces in the room can be patterned and brightly colored.
  • Contrast: Play around with different textures and colors to create some contrast. Mix patterns and textures e.g. velvet, woven, linen, etc. It helps in creating visual interest and adding depth. You can try contrasting the textures in your room while keeping the color palette neutral for an amazing effect.

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