How To Include Mirrors In Room Decor?

Mirrors can be used in home decor to add display to a space, bring in more light and create interesting reflections. They are great accessories for adding an illusion of space to small areas and can be used in almost any room in the house. There are different types of mirrors for home decor e.g. accent mirrors, hand painted mirrors, square mirror sets, floor mirrors and more.

Here are some interesting ways to use mirrors for decorating a room:

  • Brighten A Room: If your room looks dull, you can instantly brighten it by fixing a mirror next to a window or opposite to it. This helps to increase the amount of daylight in a room and brighten the space. Even on gloomy days, a mirror can add light to a room and brighten it.
  • Enhance A Room: Mirrors can be used to enhance an area of a room or take attention away from an awkward space. They can be used in areas that are too small for furniture and can also be used to create an illusion of more things in a room by being placed at an angle that reflects everything in the room.
  • Increase Space: Mirrors do wonders for rooms with less space; if positioned properly they can make a small space look bigger and more expansive. In rooms without windows, a mirror can be used to create an illusion of light if placed strategically next to an artificial source of light like a lamp. To reflect back maximum light, place a mirror on the largest wall of your room.
  • Create A Focal Point: Use a mirror to create the perfect focal point in your room. For this, use a beautiful mirror as a statement piece in a room and place pieces of decor around it. The mirror will stand out as a focal point without overpowering the effect of other items of decor.
  • Play With Shapes: Experiment with mirrors of different shapes for different light effects in a room. For example, stick a set of squared mirrors on your wall for interesting light effects, unique decor and more brightness in a room. Study the room you want to decorate and fix a mirror that compliments its shape and size.
  • Use As Decoration: If you are in an experimental mood, try mixing and matching mirrors of different styles and sizes on a wall. You can also use mirrors of the same shape with colorful frames for a symmetrical appearance. Get your creative juices flowing and create a piece of art with mirrors. Start with a big bold mirror and work your way around it.

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