What To Look Out For In Your Patio Umbrella

A patio umbrella gives a perfect finishing to an outdoor space. In addition to making the outdoors livable, it also adds immense beauty and pop of color to the space. Following is a comprehensive guide for anyone intending to buy a patio umbrella:

  • Size: Your patio umbrella’s size should be proportionate to the size of the table over which it will stand. Also, it is important to make sure that the canopy of umbrella covers the table completely and the base of umbrella is heavy enough to stay in place. Assess your hardscape and softscape before buying a patio umbrella. Also consider where the roof of your house ends, the location of an outdoor kitchen/grill, and see whether the space is sufficient for a large or small outdoor umbrella.
  • Types Of Patio Umbrellas: Common types of patio umbrellas are sunshades, market umbrellas, pagoda, cantilever, logo umbrellas, commercial-grade umbrellas, etc. Some patio umbrellas come with additional perks like luxury drapes for added privacy. It is important to note that patio umbrellas differ from beach umbrellas and can’t be used inter-changeably.
  • Material: When buying a patio umbrella, consider the material used on its frame. Look for one made from a weather-resistant and durable material such as aluminum, outdoor-tolerant wood, fiberglass, etc. Modern umbrellas are made from UV-resistant fabrics which come in an assortment of textures, colors, finishes and prints.
  • Mechanics: If you want your patio umbrella to be open throughout the season, then the low-tech pulley type umbrellas are the best for you. They have large attached pin locks to keep them firmly in place. The expensive variants of outdoor umbrellas have cranks and tilt possibilities, push buttons, and more features. Cantilever Patio Umbrellas are the deluxe version of outdoor umbrellas as they offer an increased range of motion and are extremely sturdy for the outdoors.
  • Shapes: Outdoor umbrellas come in many shapes, the most common one being the round shape. However, market umbrellas are octagonal, and others are rectangular for providing more shade.
  • Climatic Conditions: For windy areas, an umbrella should have replaceable canopy ribs, it should be flexible, have a large diameter pole and an extra-heavy base. If you are near the ocean or on high altitudes, opt for one with an aluminum pole as well as UV-resistant and mildew resistant canopy fabric.
  • Budget: Never compromise on quality just for a cheaper patio umbrella. Stretch your budget to buy an umbrella with a tough canopy fabric, strong pulley systems, endurance and durability.

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