Outdoor Table Ideas

The choices available in the category of outdoor tables are endless and you can buy according to your budget and lifestyle preferences. Whenever you set out to buy outdoor tables, always keep in mind the amount of space at hand. The furniture that you buy must also be comfortable and pleasing to the eyes apart from being functional. Some of the interesting outdoor table ideas are listed below:

  • Fire Pit Table: For intimate gatherings in your elaborate garden or a simple backyard, it is best to opt for a fire pit table. Create a warm and cozy environment by having a pit fire with sumptuous meals laid around on the table. You can take your pick from outdoor tables that have fire pits in the center. Apart from this, there are smaller fire pit tables in copper and granite that can be displayed in your patio.
  • Wicker/Rattan Table: For a rustic or countryside ambience, you can choose to have wicker or rattan table in your garden. These materials are lightweight and very comfortable for outdoor use. There are myriad color options available in these materials and you can buy one depending on your personal choice. Another advantage associated with a wicker/rattan table is that you don’t have to spend much time on maintaining it well.
  • Wooden Table: If you want a solid and sturdy table for your outdoor setting, don’t look further than a wooden table. Although wood furniture can be a bit expensive, it is worth buying because it does not absorb heat and is long-lasting as well. The best type of wood for the outdoor table would be teak but you need to maintain it properly. On the other hand, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, go for eucalyptus. An outdoor table made of eucalyptus will be resistant to moisture damage and insects.
  • Wrought Iron Table: Another durable option that is common in outdoor tables is wrought iron. It is available in a variety of styles and ranges from traditional to contemporary. It is important to powder coat the wrought iron table to keep it protected from rust. The maintenance of wrought iron outdoor tables is also very simple as you only require a mild soap to rinse them thoroughly.
  • Aluminum Table: In case you want an easy-to-maintain or lightweight option for your outdoor table, choose an aluminum table. Available in a variety of contemporary styles and colors, aluminum outdoor tables last longer as they are weather-proof. Always look for powder-coated aluminum tables as they are scratch resistant and tough. An outdoor table made of aluminum is also resistant to rust and decay. Therefore, this is one of the good options to look out for in outdoor tables.

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