Things To Consider Before Buying A Sleeper Sofa

As space limitation is a common factor in modern day homes, sleeper sofa happens to be the most versatile and functional piece of furniture to own. Like any furnishing in your home, your personal style remains the main deciding factor while buying a sleeper sofa or sofa bed, as it may be commonly called. However, there are many other points to consider before you make the final purchase. Following are the tips you would like to follow:

  • Be Sure Of Your Need: Be sure of the primary purpose behind buying the sleeper sofa. Are you going to use it as a make shift sleeping arrangement for friends or is this addition going to be your primary sleeping arrangement on a daily basis? If latter is the case, make sure the mattress is comfortable and the operational mechanism is smooth and easy for daily operation.
  • Varying Types Of Mattresses: Spring mattresses are no longer the only option available, manufacturers provide varying options like memory foam, specialty materials, air/innerspring hybrids or even foam toppers. Lie down and check the mattress for comfort and support as you would do before buying a regular mattress for your bed.
  • Measurements: Don’t forget to check the measurements of the sleeper sofa and buy according to the space available in your home. If space is not an issue, then you may choose from the different sizes available in the market. There is not one size fits all condition while buying the sofa bed, you may choose from twin size, queen, full or king size beds. Consider the measurements of the sleeper sofa after it is fully opened so that it may fit easily in your room.
  • Frame Build: While there are plenty of frame material options, check for the furniture made up of kiln-dried hardwood instead of soft woods to avoid cracking and also increasing its durability. Also check for all the inner corners to see if they are smoothly furnished.
  • Mechanism: Sleeper sofas come with different types of opening mechanisms; standard fold-out or pullout pop-up to name a few. Try to open the bed and check the mechanism before you buy the furniture. The mechanism should be smooth and well assembled to avoid any strains while opening or closing the bed. As a maintenance measure, remove the sheet or blanket before closing the bed to avoid ripping of sheets.

In addition to these key points, make sure you place easy to move furniture pieces in front of the sleeper sofa to avoid hindrances while pulling out the bed. Choose wisely and buy the best quality in your budget. Also avoid the urge to buy a piece just for the style appeal and weigh the options to fit your requirements.

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