Tips For Buying A Console Table

A console table is a functional and decorative piece of accent furniture that increases the aesthetic appeal of a space. A variety of factors such as size of the room, your budget, existing decor etc. need to be considered in order to buy an ideal console table.

Here are some tips to help prospective buyers of a console table make the right choice:

  • Important Measurements: Console tables are designed to be placed against a wall or back of sofa. It is important to take measurement of the space you intend to place the table, so that it does not obstruct the way of people passing. There should be ample room around it to facilitate easy movement.
  • Determine Its Function: The type of console table you purchase should fulfill the purpose for which it is bought.
  • Your Room’s Decor: A console table should complement the existing decor of the room. This could be contemporary, traditional, minimalistic etc. Your choice of a console table should be one that blends in with visual decor around it.
  • Consider The Different Types: There are different types of console tables in terms of size, shape, storage option and functionality. They come in different shapes such as rectangular, oval, half-moon etc. Others have storage space in the form of open shelves, cubbies or enclosed storage like drawers. There are also convertible console tables which can be converted into compact dining tables.
  • Materials: The best console tables are those that are made from strong, sturdy and appealing materials. Common materials used for console tables are glass, granite, slate, marble, hardwood, softwood, iron, steel, aluminum, real stone etc. The choice of your console table material should depend on how much you are willing to spend, where you want to place it etc.
  • The Room In Which The Table Will Be Placed: Console tables are usually placed in hallways, entryways, bedrooms, living room or dining rooms. Your choice should suit the room it is to be used in. For hallways and entryways, a console table should add a touch of sophistication and provide a fair amount of storage space for small items like keys. Decorative console tables complement living rooms. Console tables with ample storage like a sideboard work well for dining rooms.

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