How To Furnish Your Home In Rustic Look

To create a rustic look in your house, you will have to furnish it in such a way that its natural and rugged beauty stands out. You can achieve a rustic look and create a sense of organic warmth by using earthy colors, textures and materials that are inspired by nature.

Let us take a look at some important points to consider when furnishing a house to create a rustic appearance:

  • Choose A Neutral Color Palette: For a space to look rustic, it has to incorporate natural elements. One way of doing so is to keep the color palette neutral. Choose furniture items or decorative elements in colors that you are likely to spot in natural surroundings, e.g. shades of brown, grey, green, white, etc. When combining neutral shades with wooden elements, make sure that they should not be similar in color but should blend well to enhance each other.
  • Opt For Furniture With A Vintage Vibe: Vintage vibe means pieces of furniture that are large and chunky.  Furniture pieces that add visual weight to the space help in creating a rustic look. For example, you may opt for a large farmhouse style dining table and combine it with understated seating benches or chairs.
  • Add Hints Of Natural Elements: Add a few hints of natural elements such as non-shiny metal (iron, copper, brass or rustic metals), stone (floors, decorative pieces or fireplaces), and distressed wood appearance (wide plank floors, paneled walls or furniture).
  • Layer Textures: A common attribute of rustic styles is to layer textures. Layer rugs, cushions, pillows, etc. in different textures like faux animal hide, leather, faux flokati, jute and so on. Also, include some floral or plaid patterns to add color and charm to the decor. You may add patterned accent chairs, ottomans, pillows, etc. to create a smooth layering effect.
  • Use Weathered And Time-Worn Materials: Choice of materials is an important attribute when creating a rustic look. Choose decor items or furnishings that exude a weathered impression like wooden beds with distressed finish, barn door detailing on headboard, furniture in whitewash finish, etc.
  • Keep It Practical And Functional:  A unique characteristic of the rustic look is the practicality and functionality of the space. Since rustic style includes heavy furniture, avoid cluttering the space with numerous items and buy furniture that serves multiple functions.

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