Selecting Kid’s Playroom Furniture

Choosing the right furniture for your kid’s playroom requires some knowledge about different materials being used and current design trends. The furniture should also blend with the style of your home, suit your child’s personality, provide additional storage and be affordable.

Listed below are some important factors to consider when purchasing furniture for a kid’s playroom:

  • Kid-Friendly: Choose furniture that is safe and sturdy to prevent falls and injuries. Ensure the color used on the furniture is non-toxic. Also, pay attention that there are no sharp edges sticking out. Drawers and doors of storage cabinets, if any, should be easy to open and close without hassle.
  • Personalization: Buy furniture that resonates with your child’s personality and liking in terms of color, size, decorations, etc. This will help your child develop a connection with the room as it will be a reflection of some attributes of his personality.
  • Storage: Help your child master the skill and learn the importance of clearing up any mess after playing. It will not only instill good habits but also infuse the spirit of taking care of his things to protect them from damage. Thus, consider investing in both closed and open storage furniture for better utility.
  • Material: The material of furniture items in a playroom will depend on the type of room, architectural attributes, decor theme and the age of the child. For small kids, it is advisable to opt for sturdy furniture made of easy to handle material so that it is easy to carry the furniture around without any risk of getting injured. Slightly older kids do well with firm and stable solid pieces of furniture. Make sure that the material is durable and smooth to touch.
  • Designs: Before selecting furniture for a playroom, decide on the decor style you intend to create. For instance, do you need more floor space for a hyper active toddler or more functionality and storage for your teen? You may want furniture that will last till your child’s school years or create a nook for book reading and more.
  • Size And Height: Consider the amount of space you have for the playroom and buy furniture that suits the space while leaving some room for your child to run around. For smaller rooms, tables with built-in-storage work best while for bigger rooms, larger tables with overflow seating can be used. Also figure out the right height of the furniture as per your child’s age and height i.e. low tables, medium height tables (for 3 to 8 year olds) and adjustable height furniture (toddler to high school years).

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