Things To Consider Before Buying A Futon

Originated in Japan, traditional futons were simple mattresses to be kept on the floor and rolled up when not in use. However, modern-day futons can be used for both sitting and sleeping as they are highly customizable and versatile pieces of furniture. Now-a-days, futons are available in variety of shapes, sizes and styles to match different needs. Let’s look at factors that should be considered while buying a futon:

  • Function: Before buying a futon, consider the purpose to be served by it. Your choice will depend on whether you want to use it for sitting, lounging or sleeping. The way you plan to use the futon will determine the choice of its frame and the quality of futon pad or mattress pad.
  • Size: Convertible pieces of furniture like futons require accurate measurements of the space where they will be placed. Based on the space available, you can choose from twin, full, queen and king-size futons. A futon chair is a good alternative instead of a futon sleeper sofa for smaller areas. A key factor to keep in mind when figuring out the size of the futon is to ensure it does not block entry ways, passage and power outlets.
  • Quality: Futons are available in different qualities based upon the type of frame and mattress used. If comfort and quality are more important than the appearance, you may consider buying a durable frame and mattress. You can get upholstery customized as per your liking.
  • Comfort: When buying a futon, do not compromise on the level of comfort. The feel and firmness of a futon will depend on the materials used in the mattress i.e. foam, springs, cotton, etc. Futons with springs are great for sleeping but may be difficult to fold into a seat. On the contrary, cotton futons are much more flexible and easier to roll & move from one place to another. Foam mattresses minimize pressure points and do not require a mattress topper for added softness. Don’t shy away from testing the mattress in the store as that is the best way of gauging comfort.
  • Type Of Futon Mattresses: Some knowledge about the different types of futon mattresses may be helpful while buying one. Common futon mattresses in the market are foam, spring, wool, cotton, foam and polyester, foam/cotton hybrid mattresses, inner spring coil mattress and so on.

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